Robert Young in officeLymington Design Associates Ltd is a Royal Institute of British Architects chartered practice which has traded since January 1984

We aim to work with our clients to achieve a building solution to meet their expectations. We like to develop their ideas and offer our own to provide an individual and interesting building. First we develop a plan that works well. We consider ‘form follows function’. The style of building, say traditional or modern, is based upon the plan form. We advise upon the style in relation to the site location, perhaps to reflect local character if appropriate, to obtain planning approval. Our recommendations are based upon past planning application experience.

We can provide a full or partial professional service to suit your requirements and we always try to provide an efficient, professional and competitive service. One or more of the following stages of our work could apply to your project and there is no obligation to appoint us for the full range of services.


We will first agree fixed fees for each of the stages required which will include our expenses. We do not charge VAT on our fees.

These are stages of our work which normally apply to any project and the service we provide.

  1. taking a client’s brief.
  2. feasibility design.
  3. planning application.
  4. building regulation application.
  5. construction drawings.
  6. obtaining builders tenders and arranging a building contract.
  7. site inspection and architect certification for work stages during construction
  8. we arrange for consultants services as required at any stage of our appointment. Their fees are paid by the client separately.

Taking a brief

  • initial site visit and meeting to discuss your aspirations
  • we give an initial response on viability and expectation to obtain planning approval

Feasibility design

  • taking site dimensions.
  • preparing alternative sketch plans and elevations for your consideration and discussion.
  • meeting to agree final design before application.
  • contacting the Local Authority for pre application advise if necessary.

Planning application

  • preparing application drawings and supporting architectural statements required by 1APP.
  • arranging for consultants supporting statements as required to accompany the application
  • planning meetings after deposit if required.

Building regulation application

  • submitting drawings and construction notes to the Council Building Control Department.
  • obtaining structural consultant design and calculations if required

Construction drawings

  • additional working drawings,schedules and specifications required for tendering.

Tendering procedure and appointing contractor/builder.

  • obtaining comparative estimates for the construction.
  • client meeting to discuss appointment .
  • preparing formal contract.

Site inspections

  • site visits to evaluate quality of workmanship
  • answer builder queries arising
  • agree stage payments